Mind Energy - The Power Of ME!

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What is my book about?

It’s about supercharging your success in life.  It's about setting stretch goals and pushing yourself to accomplish your goals to create the life you once only dreamed of living. It’s about realizing that you can take control of the events in your life and begin to create the life that you’ve always wanted by choosing your life’s purpose, developing a life plan based on your purpose, and creating compelling goals that are aligned with and supportive of your life plan.

Once you’ve completed the planning stage it’s just a matter of disciplining yourself to take consistent action everyday that moves you in the direction of your chosen destiny. Then you'll monitor those actions to make sure they are in fact moving you in the direction you want. If they are not moving in the direction you want, choose another course of action and evaluate it's effectiveness. It's not magic. It's thinking deeply about what you want and working hard to acheive it. That’s how dreams come true.

I walk you through the entire process by having you complete short exercises designed to help you clarify your life's purpose, develop your life plan, and set laser-sharp goals designed to creat the life you really want.

Tim Ferris

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